Hello to all at PJFC,
2 rounds in and we were treated to a spectacular day on Sunday. From now on, the weather might not be as accommodating, but that’s when we really know it’s footy season.

A few key topics to bring up this week:
Where are the match reports?
Each week, each team is expected to produce a short snapshot of the highlights of the round; all the kids love to see their names so share the love. Your team manager has probably rostered a parent to produce the match report but maybe you might like to ask the team’s Captain to write it, just to mix it up? Also, the match report provides a good opportunity to get the name a club sponsor into the limelight. As mentioned last week, we encourage all teams to find a team sponsor from within their ranks; maybe your own business could become the team’s naming sponsor? Please contact me if you’re interested in more details.
Orange Sock round
Many of you will be aware of the tragic events in January that resulted in one of Victoria’s true up and coming AFL superstars, East Sandringham u14 player Will Murray, becoming a quadriplegic after a diving accident at Half Moon Bay. The public awareness around this has been incredible and fundraising efforts have taken many different forms. Orange Sock round is an initiative to raise further funds to contribute to the anticipated $300,000 annual care program Will’s family are now involved in. All sports codes have been encouraged to engage in a weekend of swapping their normal club socks for a pair of orange socks that will be available at the club on Friday 13th May. For just $10 you can support the Murray Family by purchasing a pair and encouraging your son or daughter to wear these socks in any sporting activity on the weekend of May 14th and 15th. PJFC are expecting a delivery of 100 pairs of socks very soon, so please jump in quickly and grab a pair and wear them with pride. They will sell out quickly!
Volunteers always needed!
There are always ways in which you can become more involved in our club; many or most of you will buy the half time oranges once in a while or wave a goal flag. But the club also needs great coaches, team managers and footy operations helpers as well as committee folk to steer the direction of the club. We hold an AGM annually (around November) to elect general committee members and this is also the time of the year we will be looking for people to put their hands up to express interest in other vital roles. I wanted to put this on your radars now as for some it might take some time to consider the commitment, but for those that are passionate about the club (and I know there are many of you!), now is the time to start finding out more. Please contcat me for a chat at any time about the role that might suit you!
Thank you SMJFL!
We are indeed very fortunate to play under the auspices of the South Metro Junior Football League (SMJFL) which consists of 27 clubs fielding around 9000 boys and girls playing junior football in the southern metropolitan regions of Melbourne. Jake McCauley and Emily McIntyre and their crew run very tight ship for which we, PJFC, are very grateful. Each season, the league reviews their by-laws to ensure that our kids enjoy a safe, healthy and fun football environment. 
One of the goals of the SMJFL is to see to the divisional grading of all 400 teams within their respective year levels and, as is inevitable, there are always some teams who will be far stronger or weaker than their counterparts in a particular competition. After round 4, the league assesses each competition and frequently moves teams into higher or lower divisions according to the outcomes of the first 4 rounds and submissions from each club. If you should feel your children are playing in an inequitable division, please be assured that the club is montioring the results each week and will be aplying to the league for movement into a division more comensurate with your team’s ability. However, also be aware that, despite the club’s and league’s best endeavours, nirvana is not always achieved. Your child’s playing career is hopefully going to span out over 8 or 9 years and over the journey they will play loads of competetive football. 
The league is also to be commended for their introduction this year of their dangerous tackle initiative; an excellent concept in which coaches are required to immediately call to the bench any player who, in their view, has applied a dangerous or illegal tackle. Rather than let the umpire’s call be the end of the matter, the coach will have an opportunity to educate the player on how they could have tackled more safely before returning them to the field of play. This initiative also will be applied by coaches who observe other unsportsmanlike behaviour and we commend the league for this initiative. 
Interleague Carnival at Toorak Park
The best of the best u13-u15 players in the SMJFL lock horns with counterparts from other nearby leagues on the long weekend in June in the annual Interleague carnival which fills the football void when our regular season takes a break. This year, the SMJFL have invited PJFC to offer Toorak Park as a host venue for 2, u15 Interleague matches at 12pm and 2pm on Saturday June 11th. So, if you’re planning to spend the weekend in town, come to Toorak Park and watch some great junior footbalers perform at the highest level and maybe spot a future AFL player in action. More details closer to the time. 
Sponsor profile: Baillieu Holst & IGA Armadale
Each week, I’d like to introduce a couple of our club sponsors:
Firstly, Steve Macaw, Co-head of Corporate Finance at Baillieu Holst, one of Australia’s leading independently owned financial advisory firms, providing a range of wealth management services to clients. The merger of EL & C Baillieu and FW Holst & Co in 2012 combined two firms established in the late 1800’s focused on creating and managing clients’ wealth. Steve’s son Sam played at PJFC from u9s until last year in u13s and Steve has sponsored Sam’s team each and every year since. Thank you, Steve, for your support of the 2016 Baillieu Holst u14s.
Also introducing the IGA, Armadale store. Located very close to the club on the corner of High Street and Orrong Road, this mini-mart has the range of most of the larger supermarkets but keeps very user friendly hours including many public holidays when the larger stores are often shut (eg Good Friday). Danny and Shalini, thank you for your support as a major club sponsor.
See you tomorrow at the club!
Justin Long